Who we are

TridenTech Engineering envisages itself to be an academia collaborator, innovation and accelerator lab for technologies that are conceptualized at some of our premier technological institutions across India. Team TridenTech has a vision to become a foremost entity in technology acceleration for ideas to take them to a logical outcome for sustainable products. TridenTech envisages intensifying the usage of superior engineering prowess to bridge the distance from idea generation to engineering applications that increases business value. TridenTech aims to play a vital role in being a partner in early stage analysis, evaluation of designs and providing the feedback to research teams with a strategy of continuous improvement of product.

Circle of Competence

Our team has a combined industry experience of more than 100 years and has worked in a diverse set of areas which form our circle of competence.This is a bedrock of our confidence that we can support any problem that challenges us.

The USP of TridenTech

The unique selling proposition for TridenTech Engineering is its anchoring in the core fundamentals and its ability to collaborate and learn within the broader ecosystem of research and development within IITs across India. We can harness talent across the country to solve difficult problems.Coupled with our industrial background we are a fast and agile team.


What we do offer

TridenTech Engineering can use its engineering capabilities for excellent outcomes on the manufacturing and fabrication front. Some of the manufacturing infrastructure with our partners are as below.

Engineering analysis and simulation

Engineering analysis and simulation forms the core of our expertise. We can perform a wide array of simulations to cater to your needs in product development, improving current products, root cause analysis,certification among a host of other needs.

IIOT and autonomous systems

We have partnered with teams that have specialised offerings in asset life management and delivery of autonomous systems that have the potential to automate tasks that need significant manual labour.

Our passions and Our secret vault

Our specialised offering in climate modeling, gas dispersion, smoke modeling, chemical spill is with a mission to make the workplace and the ecosystem that we live in more safer and greener. Join us in this mission and avail our services for a better world.Also, we have some exciting research work going on.. partner with us to be a part of this exciting journey.





Our Team

Standing on the shoulders of giants, our team is comprised of a mix of brilliant academic minds and people who have been with the industry and services for decades.


Contact Us


01 FA, I Floor, IIT Madras Research Park Kanagam Road, Taramani, Adayar, Chennai 600113